Building a Bridge Between You and Your Audience

 You have a solid rough draft of content for your fiction, nonfiction, or marketing project. But you’re the only one who’s seen the content, and you have an inkling someone else should review the material before you hit the send / submit / publish button. 

Editing goes beyond catching embarrassing typos and eliminating unnecessary words. A good editor is a bridge builder—closing the gap between the writing on the page and how it lands for the intended reader.

Whether it’s to translate academic writing to layperson understanding, find the narrative arc in the story, untangle complicated sentences so your message rings clear, or move people to take action, an editor is a crucial partner in the impact of your work and writing.

Project Types

Manuscripts, essays, short stories, website copy, e-books, online course content, blog posts, marketing emails, and more. (If your project type isn’t listed here, just ask.)

Proofreading vs. Content Editing

Proofreading is checking for errors. It will catch typos and incorrect grammar.

Content editing includes proofreading along with rewriting and reorganizing the text. It will clean up sentences and words, and alter the order of content so that text makes sense to the reader.


Proofreading: $6 per 250 words

Content editing: $16 per 250 words

Project minimum: 1,250 words

Turnaround Time

Five business days for 7,500 words or less. More than 7,500 words? Include your timeline in your project request.

Interested? Email me with your project details and timeline.